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The Dirty Synth Tape


• 100 single shot samples, wav, 16 bit, 44100, stereo
• Compatible with most modern samplers and software.


Introducing “The Dirty Synth Tape” sample library, where vintage grit meets modern innovation. With over 100 raw and gritty samples, this collection takes you back to the analog era, capturing the essence of lo-fi charm and character.

Recorded using a humble 4-track cassette recorder, each sample resonates with warmth, dirt, and a distinct airy quality. Dive into a sonic world where imperfections are celebrated, and every crackle and hiss adds depth to your compositions.

Explore a diverse range of sounds, from haunting melodies to punchy one-shots, all imbued with the unmistakable lo-fi aesthetic of vintage tape. Whether you’re crafting lo-fi hip-hop, experimental electronica, or atmospheric soundscapes, “The Dirty Synth Tape” provides the perfect palette for adding texture and character to your music.

Unlock a treasure trove of sonic imperfections and embrace the raw beauty of lo-fi synthesis with “The Dirty Synth Tape” sample library. Let your creativity run wild as you infuse your tracks with the unmistakable charm of analog warmth and grit.