About Our Company


vinyldrumkits.com was created in May 2012. The company started because of a passion for percussion, beat making and sampling old vinyl.

Over the past three years, We have worked on building the brand and internet following. Through social fund raising money to produce our first project. Though the money wasn’t there, it has not stopped me from continuing to work on my passion and the brand that we started. We are working on the brand’s first library which will be available on short run vinyl pressing. Please be on the lookout for additional updates about our library.

The brand has become something that I never thought could be possible. Featuring some of the best drum recordings available to producers around the world. We are also committed to pressing vinyl as one of our main medium for the majority of our content. We are proud to supporter the art of sampling, hip hop music and production.


Our Product

We are a drum sample and sound design company in Austin Texas. VinylDrumKits.com creates the highest quality drum kits & sample libraries. We are sound designers and beat makers who to keep the beat making process authentic such as digging for sounds through vinyl collections and creating unique drum samples that will create your next hitter. Our drum kits are designed for new producers who have yet to figure our processing and dynamics. Do you want to blend in with allf of the top producers or do you want to stand out? We are not selling you drum kits and sample libraries from well known producers who have already made hundrds of songs with the libraries. We make unique drum kits and sample libraries so that you can stand out!

Analog Processing

We are analog 100%. From mic to tape.  Using some of the best A/D converters to digitize our recordings. Our drum recordings are processed using expensive analog equipment and vintage drum machines and samplers to provide warmth and punch. Our drum machines are capable of producing 8 & 12-Bit grit such as the Akai S950, MPC-60, SP-1200 and Ensoniq ASR-10. Our drum kits & sample libraries are also ready to use.


All of our drum kits & sound libraries are compatible with with any drum machine, DAW or production software. All of our drum sample are high quality 16-Bit WAV file. Our sounds will work with Native Instruments Maschine, Battery, Akai MPC’s, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Propellerhead’s Reason, FL Studio and many others. If you have any questions regarding our drum kits & sample libraries, Please contact us HERE.